7 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Homeschool Teens and Tweens

valentines day ideas for homeschool teens

Do you need some ideas to make valentine’s day special for your homeschool teen or tween?

A few week ago I was chatting with my daughter. We were talking about the different seasons and our favorite months of the year.

She told me her favorite season was spring and her favorite months were February, May, July and December. Since her birthday is in July and Christmas is in December, I understood why she loved those months.

My son and I hate February because of the cold and I know she doesn’t like the winter months a lot so I couldn’t understand why she liked February.

Curious, I asked her what she liked about February and she said “Valentine’s day.”

I was a little bit surprised because valentine’s day has never been a big thing in our home.

When they were little, I got them some teddy bears and chocolates but that was pretty much it.

This conversation got me thinking about some ways I could make valentine’s day fun for the kids.

As a homeschooling mom, I welcome any opportunity to make teaching at home fun for the kids.

I don’t want the kids to get bored or burned out so I love coming up with new ideas.

I have a boy teen and a girl tween so I wanted to come up with ideas they could both enjoy.

Here is a list of things I came up with.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Homeschool Teens and Tweens


Is there a place your kids enjoy going to or somewhere they have been wanting to visit?

Valentine’s day is a perfect day to do that. Bonus points if it is free, not too expensive and something all your kids will enjoy.

This place shouldn’t be an educational place or somewhere for them to get a “learning experience” unless that’s what they really want.

The idea is for them to just relax and have fun.

My son likes bowling but we don’t get to do it often so this is something we may actually do on valentine’s day.

Some other suggestions include going to the movies, amusement park or a musical. Something along those lines.


My kids love Boston Market and Nando’s . Those are our go to restaurants for special occasions.

If your kids have a special restaurant you haven’t visited in a while, you can take them out for a meal at their favorite restaurant.

I reckon this would make valentine’s day really special for them.

Don’t forget to let them have a special treat whether it’s a dessert or a particular side they enjoy.


If you’re not in the mood to go out or spend a lot of money, you can stay home and bake some valentine cakes or cookies for the whole family to enjoy.

My children love cakes and my daughter really wants to learn how to make cupcakes so baking is one of the life skills she’s going to learn this new year.

I got this Usborne Children’s Baking Collection and a baking set similar to this one.

All we need is to get all the ingredients and start baking. She’s really looking forward to it and so am I!

If you need some ideas for what to bake, check out the posts below for some valentine day treats you can make.

44 Irresistible Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes to Whip Up This Year

40 Valentine’s Day Cakes


With valentine’s day so close to Christmas, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on gifts right now.

But, if your kids are anything like mine, you know they never get tired of presents.

I checked Amazon for some cute valentine gifts for teens and tweens and I found some inexpensive gift ideas.

Valentine’s day isn’t a day to give practical gifts which means this might not be the best time to buy some educational toy for your homeschool teen or tween.

All you need are some cute valentine gifts to brighten up their day and show them some love. Check the lists below for some ideas.

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teen/Tween Girls and Boys

Glitter Heart Pendant Chunky Bubblegum Necklace and Bracelet Set 

Valentine’s Day Peanuts Snoopy and Woodstock Mug

Valentine’s Day Tumbler with Wrap and Red Lid

If you want something really simple, just go for some teddy bears. Teddy bears never get old around here.

My teen has like four teddy bears on his bed including Mickey Mouse.

Here are some cute valentine’s day teddy bears for your teen or tween.

White Unicorn Plush

Valentine day’s teddy bears for kids


Let the kids have the day off. While you’re at it, you can join in.

Make it a family holiday. Let the kids sleep in if they want.

Spend the day cuddling up on the couch, watch some movies, drink hot chocolate, play some games, organize a scavenger hunt or find other ways to relax and bond.

Break out of your regular routine and give the kids a special surprise.

If you feel up to it, you can have an indoor picnic while you binge watch movies on Netflix.

Make some sandwiches and some yummy desserts to nibble on while you watch some movies.

There are so many things you could do if you try to be a little bit creative.


Valentine’s day is perfect for having a one-on-one time with your teenager or preteen.

You can ask them to pick one activity they’d like to do with you.

Is there something your homeschool teenager has been asking you do with them (something unrelated to their school work)?

This is a perfect time to catch up with them.

My daughter is always asking me to do one thing or the other with her. Whether is to play a game, watch a video or something else.

This idea is one I am going to use myself to catch up with her and enjoy some games or videos together.

I know this may be a bit tricky if you have a lot of kids so maybe you and your husband can split the kids.

You don’t have to spend hours with each child or do it all at once. You can spread the time throughout the day.

Trust me big kids enjoy when you spend some time with them even if they act like they don’t.


This valentine day, you can have a themed day and play dress up.

What are your teenager’s or preteen’s favorite characters? Valentine’s day is a good day to dress up like them.

Halloween isn’t the only time to wear costumes or play dress up.

You can reenact a scene in your favorite movie or book, but please don’t make it too educational.

Don’t forget to give cards or love notes. You can hide some notes in unexpected places for your kids to find.


Valentine’s day really isn’t a day for giving practical gifts but I wanted to include this.

You can give your kids gift cards or money gifts too.

I gave my kids some money for Christmas and they were very excited even though they also got presents.

They loved getting the extra money and it was fun listening to them talk about all the things they wanted to buy with their money.

If you decide to this, make it into a cute gift like putting it in heart chocolate box ,a lovely money envelope with a cute card or love note. You can also get an Amazon gift card in a gold heart box.


Coming up with ideas for teenagers and preteens can be tricky because they are too old for lots of activities, and not quite old enough for others!

Hope the ideas above can be useful to you if you decide to do something special for valentine.

To recap.


  • Go somewhere special just for fun
  • Eat at their favorite restaurant
  • Bake a valentine’s day cake or cookies
  • Give them some cute gifts
  • Make it a holiday
  • Have a one-on-one time with your kids
  • Play dress up

How are you spending valentine’s day with your teenager?

7 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Homeschool Teens and Tweens

valentines day ideas for homeschool teens

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